Our Current Projects 

Many folks across the plains die annually of diarrhoea infections caused from drinking contaminated water. Together we can save lives through the installation of boreholes. 
Transit Camps 
Strategic transit camps are established to logistically assist the evangelists and church planters traveling on foot or by vehicle across the vast plains to share the Good News.
Feeding Projects
It is imperative that from time-to-time assistance is required in feeding the most vulnerable. It is then that we step in, in love, to these folks with the basic food stuffs required.

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Bible School Training
With the Church being so remote, we find a lack of depth in both Theology as well as Church Planting/Growth. Geographically Strategic Lay Pastors are identified and trained up, having brought the 'Seminary' to the field.
For millennia, the local diet has consisted of three or four basic foodstuffs. By introducing new dietary practices along with seed, malnutrition will slowly become a thing of the past.
Multi-Media Library 
Literacy and Numeracy are two crucial areas where we can make an impact in assisting the communities of the remote Luvale people. The Library would be the hub where this can take place.
Clothing Projects
There is no commerce or real economy on the flood plains and in the remote north-northwest province of Zambia. While sharing the Good News, where necessary, we clothe both men, women, and children, giving them dignity in this poor estate. 

The highest form of investment... The development of people.