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One, two, three, puuuuuush!

“One, two, three, Puuuuuuush!”

“One, two, three, Puuuuuuush!”

An all too familiar command heard so often out here. Yes, you guessed it: We were stuck.

We were on our way to the very isolated village of Mayina, on a bush road - 'the road less travelled' if you like - when we, quite literally, got stuck in the mud. Cautious and curious, the dusty feet of a few nearby folk started gathering.

Out in pretty much the middle of nowhere, you can imagine what a great relief it was to us that "the bush has eyes and ears" and that the bush telegraph works so well. Those gathered soon recognized our faces from the boat trip to their village a couple of weeks ago, and were very keen to help.

With their mud splattered, smiling faces they cheered us on and got us out of our dilemma in no time. (Chendende Chendende means Slowly Slowly)

When we arrived, the Kayombe family were all outside in their field. They couldn't believe their eyes. Was it really us who were back so soon? Did we really keep the promise we made to visit again? It was a very emotional greeting.

We were able to give 2 mobile phones to Mr Kayombe to stay in touch with us, as well as buckets, basins, crockery and cutlery for his wife. They were absolutely delighted with all their gifts and were eager to show us what they had accomplished in the 2 weeks since our last visit.

Beautiful, straight, thick hardwood poles. Painstakingly hewn from their ample forest, alive with Mukwa and Rosewood trees. This right here was the future sight of our envisioned lapa area, where we would be able to camp while teaching and equipping these folk in the Gospel. In addition, the remuneration we gave Mr Kayombe for this project was an answer to his prayer for finances, so that his last born could finish school this year.

On our previous visit, I shared with them about praying for the sick, when a woman joined the small crowd in their hut and testified how she had prayed for someone a few days ago and they were healed! A great encouragement to those present.

We were able to give these folk solar powered Bible teaching recordings and flip chart picture books and are truly humbled to be a part of this ministry.

Through your support, their prayers are answered.

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