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Oats in the fridge

Sometimes what you are looking for is found in the most unlikely of places...

It is a beautiful Sunday morning in Chavuma. A cool breeze is blowing ahead of the scorcher that, no doubt, awaits us in a few hours. I feel like making scrambled eggs and toast today and can already smell the coffee!

But the kids have a whole other menu in mind and are asking for oats... I am starting to feel a little agitated because I really dont feel like making a breakfast spread to suit everyone's needs, but I agree. Okay, I'll make some oats. I start searching. We bought a packet yesterday from the market - a treasure chest find in the Chavuma market, as it is not normally stocked - but I don't see it in the pantry... I search everywhere. No oats.

And then I pray: "Jesus, please help me to find the oats". I search again. Nothing. So be it. I guess I'm not supposed to find the oats and to be honest I am a little relieved that I have a valid excuse not to make it!

I ask Elrize to start preparing some toast while I open the fridge to get out some eggs. And what shall I see...? Straight in front of me... Oats! In the fridge? Come on!

So while we are multi-tasking oats, eggs, oats, coffee and a 2yr old, I ponder this find of oats in the fridge and I wonder: Could it be true that what we are looking for can sometimes be found in the places we least expect it to be? Can vision and a future be found next to a river in Northwest Africa? Can we discover that we actually enjoy something we thought we were not cut out to do - like homeschooling; or living remotely; or not being certain what tomorrow holds, but trusting the One who holds tomorrow?

I read a post by Dave Ramsey yesterday about 'two-foot-Fred' whose motto is 'Why wouldn't I?' It's also about facing your fears and walking through them, because we weren't given a spirit of fear - "for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control." (2 Timothy‬ ‭1:7‬ ‭ESV‬‬).

What have you found in an unlikely place? What fear is holding you back from finding something extraordinary in an unlikely place...?

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