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More than enough

Isn't it strange how we can be reminded of biblical truths in something so everyday ordinary...

We have wood. Actually, we have an abundance of wood here in Chavuma. And I've always wanted to do carpentry - you know, to make beautiful things from wood. To carve. To create. To enjoy. So a girl's gotta start somewhere, right? And the ideal beginner project presented itself: cutting a few rectangular blocks so the kids can play a game of Jenga. Easy-peasy. Johan showed me how his wood cutter worked and within a few minutes we had a few blocks to play with.

Now the trick of a game like Jenga, is that you usually play it with a friend. Simeon (4) and Caleb (2) started out beautifully, playing together. But soon enough, they each wanted to build their own tower. You can imagine the scenario with neither of them 'having enough' blocks to accomplish the same height of tower than when they were building together.

As I was encouraging them to share, I realised that even if they did share, they would still each accomplish less (a shorter tower) and dare I say, derive less joy, than building together. You should've seen them laugh out loud when that tower tumbled!

In fact, it reminded me of Max Lucado's children's book You are Mine, where Punchenello joins the other citizens of Wemmicksville in collecting as many balls and boxes as he could. More importantly, he is reminded of a very special Truth by his Maker at the end of the story.

Seeing the boys play and argue, made me wonder: What would the world be like if we weren't concentrating so much of our efforts on gathering stuff (balls, boxes, blocks - you know, stuff) for ourselves because we 'don't have enough'? Wanting other people to share their 'stuff' with us so that we can 'build our own tower'. Will we ever have enough? Well, I guess that isn't a completely new question in the neighbourhood. But what if we believed the opposite? That we indeed did have enough. More than enough.

In Acts 2:42-47 we are given a glimpse of what the fellowship of believers did. In verse 44 we read "All the believers were together and had everything in common. They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need."

And I was left wondering how would that look today? Could it be that sometimes we still only want to share 'some of our blocks' as long as someone else has the same as us and not more? When what the believers in Acts did was to sell and give and have everything in common and no-one lacked. They gave away - and I didn't get the feeling that it was done with a heavy heart. Did they have a quiet confidence that their Father would provide in their every need, just as they were assisting their fellow brothers and sisters? If my sons had been aware of the abundance of wood we have, would they have gladly given their blocks to the other because they know that I could easily go and cut more blocks?

Or could the resources that have been entrusted to us, be used more beneficially by us and our fellow believers if we 'had everything in common'? Maybe it can be as simple as lending someone a book or magazine to read; lending my neighbour the bicycle in my garage on the days that I dont use it? Instead of each of us having a bicycle in our garage that we dont use every day?

These thoughts are still swirling in my head as I ponder what it looks like practically. But perhaps the more important belief that we have to start off from, is that we have enough. More than enough...

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