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Time to sweep the house... once more

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

Since arriving here in Chavuma, I've learnt quite a few things...

Like the fact that having mesh windows provide essential extra protection against the mozzies and a few other creepy crawlies and is quite a considerable saving on the cost of glass windows. However, it also means that you are subject to quite a bit of extra dust in the house from passing traffic on the sandy road next to the house. In addition, the rock floors aren't sealed, generating their own steady supply of dust... And let it be known that this dust is not immediately visible because it is kind of the same colour as the floor. But gradually it starts getting a bit crunchy under your shoes and there's no doubt about it if you brave a few barefoot steps! So you grab a broom and it's not long before an impressive cloud of dust arises - quite intoxicating I might add... and you learn another neat trick: sprinkling a handful of water here and there makes the dust settle and the sweeping much easier and more efficient.

And while sweeping the floor, it made me think how similar this house is to our lives. Not only do we generate some 'dust' by our habits and thoughts, but our eyes are not that different from these mesh windows - letting in their own supply of 'dirt' if we are not careful in what they see. A gradual accumulation of dust, that may initially not be easy to spot, but I pray that for each of us, we will never get used to walking in that dirt and just letting it be, accumulating steadily... That we will never think that sweeping the floor once a year or in a lifetime will mean that the dust is gone forever. No, it's a daily task - sprinkling Living Water on our lives, sweeping with the broom of repentance and forgiveness, and opening the door to let His Light fill the room once again.

Sometimes of course, we might find it easier to 'clean the house' with the help of a friend. In my case, my daughter was of great assistance in helping me to sweep up the dust quicker and easier than if I was doing it on my own. Proverbs 27:17 reminds us "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." Don't be afraid to ask for a brother or sister's help in being accountable to daily sweep out the dust and then enjoy the freedom of living in the Light!

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