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Dusty feet and willing hearts

Updated: Oct 14, 2018

To make disciples according to Christ Jesus instruction in the Great Commission we need to put feet to our Faith...

Dusty feet bringing the Good News

Our Outreach Teams are very active, reaching out with the Gospel, sharing the Good News, praying for the sick, and setting many captives free from demonic possession and influences. Baptizing and Teaching new converts to be disciples of our Lord Jesus, flavoring their surroundings with a loving attitude and shining the Light of the Lord in areas of darkness.

These disciples leave their home comforts, wives and children and for many days either walk, travel by ox-cart or row to their outreach destinations, spending hours in

the scorching sun. Always weary of snakes, crocodiles or other ‘uglies’ that could hold them up. Malaria too is a very big problem, being the biggest killer in the region with the crocs coming a close second.

- original text by Johan Leach, edited by A de Greeff -

#goodnews #outreach #disciples

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