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Johan & Lesley Leach

Johan and Lesley are committed to sharing Jesus with this forgotten, isolated people. They equip and send teams to cross the river and share Jesus.

Johan’s passion for life and love for Jesus leak out from all sides as he welcomes you into his inner circle. Johan knows no strangers.

Johan and Lesley brought everything they own to Chavuma. They built a garage as temporary living quarters and are currently building a permanent residence room by room as funding is available.  In the early days, they had no electricity or gas and cooked meals on an open fire and made oatmeal and maize in cast iron pots in the front yard.


They recently acquired the use of a two plate gas stove, built a small pizza-style oven and now make use of solar powered, battery operated electricity instead of using a generator. This solar energy has been a tremendous help in keeping fridges and freezers operational during the day which has plentiful sunshine - they still switch off fridges and other non-essential equipment during the night to be energy efficient.

With the help of two local workers, Martin and Tony, they split wood for heating a geyser drum ("donkey") to have access to hot water and they repair their own vehicles, Where they previously boiled river water to ensure safe drinking water, they were blessed with a 10 liter water filtering tank that has made access to safe water much easier.

Johan and Lesley are actively involved in various projects, facilitating evangelism and discipleship equipping courses for local churches; co-ordinating the drilling of boreholes in remote villages in the Chavuma district, identified as those in dire need of this; equipping and encouraging local farmers by providing seeds for various vegetables they can grow.