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Birds of the air; drifting on the wind, like a symphony conductor, the cry of the fish eagle sets the pace for cooing turtle doves and the twittering of fellow minstrels as they sweep across the plains, west of the Great Zambezi River in their never ending quest to find rest.

The trees too have their say in this cacophony as the wind eddies through their branches, whispering ancient tradition to those who care to listen to their quest. For millennia the trees have been faithful and obedient to the Creators command, sheltering… housing… and feeding the birds of the air… providing sustenance and shelter for man.

The Lungwebungwe River teaming with Tiger, Bream and other craniate, twists its way snakelike from its source in the African hills of Angola, across the vast plains, into the Great Zambezi River, flooding the plains in summer forcing the evacuation of the Lozi and Luvale peoples to higher ground. Receding in the winter months, the peoples follow its ebb to drink and eat from its multiple provisions once more.

Ambush…Crocodiles! Opportunistic they lay below the surface of this tributary in wait for the unsuspecting fishermen rowing in their Vilapo (Dugout Wood Canoe) to fall prey to its ferocious and formidable attack… its appetite satisfied; it lazily basks in the sun on one of the numerous Chikuli (sand banks) which checker the Lungwebungwe.

Man… Lozi and Luvale live side by side on the Flood Plains.

Deceived and in perpetual spiritual darkness, they continue to mete out a living. Gathers, growers and fishermen, with a few scrawny chickens they waste away like flowers on the grass into oblivion.

Hope…The Creator has not forgotten these least reached peoples. Over many years He has commissioned His missionaries to bring the Good News, the Message of Hope and Deliverance from dark captivity to liberty in Himself. Few but the faithful, have responded in the past century to venture west on this quest.

I and my dear wife Lesley Anne by my side, am one of these.

Called and chosen to the obedience of the Great Commission, commanded by the Master Himself through the oracles as written in Matthew 28 and Mark 16.

Many a time has been spent with these folk sitting under the trees, along the river, in their Limbo (home) or Membo (village) sharing the Good News of Salvation through Christ Jesus.

Starting with Geneses; ‘in the beginning…’ taking them on a journey through scripture, showing them sin and its consequence, forgiveness through the necessity of a blood shedding of an animal to cover their sin by a Righteous, Loving and Forgiving, Covenant Relationship God, they find themselves challenged to the heart, as they see the similarity in their sinful living and those of old spoken of in the chronicles. Seeing the promise given to Abraham of the Ultimate sacrifice to come through Isaac and his descendants yet, when the instruction is given to Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac…they realize that this God that is been spoken of who knows all things from before time and into eternity, has a plan and will not let the life of Isaac end.

By the time the Gospel is presented, the Good News that the Messiah, the Saviour, Christ Jesus the only Begotten Son of God, King of Kings and Lord of Lords has come, there is great excitement and expectation. How will the Messiah recue them?

Finally, when they see the shedding of His Blood for our sins, the scourging, the cross, His death and resurrection from the dead, the dam walls of their hearts break and they are cut to the bone realising the great work wrought on their behalf. Many respond, repent and turn away from their wicked ways walking in the resurrection and victory over death in Christ Jesus.

Hope is slowly permeating the lives of these folk as they willingly tear away from the reluctant clutches of darkness to FREEDOM!!

Lesley and I seek your partnership with us here on the plains west of the Zambezi River as we together co-work to bring Salvation and Liberty in Christ Jesus to these folk.

Always in His Love and service

John and Lesley